Kathy Venter's talking about her 6 installations and over 30 sculptures exhibited at the Gardiner Museum in Toronto, summer 2013
Kathy Venter builds her life size ceramic sculptures by hand using the extended pinch method - similar to large vessel building.
No molds are used as the hollow, completed wet clay sculptures are 13% larger than life size to shrink to the desired scale after firing.
An exhibition of 36 of her sculptures was shown at the Gardiner Museum, Toronto from 30th May 2013 to 15th September 2013. This exhibition will travel to Bellevue Arts Museum, Wa., U.S.A. to open on the 7th March, 2014 to 15th June, 2014. Part of this exhibition will be shown at the Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale 2014-2015.